EIKON and Qube Wire partner to launch distribution services in Australia and NZ

By Rus Wetherell on October 14, 2021

EIKON Group and Qube Wire are excited to announce their partnership with the launch of Qube EIKON Distribution Services (QEDS), a premium content and marketing material distribution service for Australia and New Zealand. This partnership complements Qube Wire’s extensive electronic distribution footprint with EIKON’s in-country customer service team overseeing the entire end-to-end service and provides the turnkey service the market requires.

EIKON Group, a leading provider of digital mastering and localization services for the entertainment industry, brings to the partnership its experience of working with all the major Hollywood studios and major entertainment distribution companies. Their client services team will provide in time zone ordering and logistical support and EIKON will also manage duplication, logistics, and warehousing services through its media servicing partner, Fats Media Lab, who have recently moved into a new 10,000 sq ft facility in Sydney.

This partnership perfectly complements EIKON’s whole philosophy of quality and precision at scale and provides the holistic offering that the Australian and New Zealand markets have been calling for: a premium service that marries the very best electronic delivery capabilities with world class logistics and warehouse support, overseen and managed by a team of experienced and dedicated service operators. I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this partnership to market and am relishing the opportunity to drive efficiencies and success in the delivery of content to cinemas.

Adrian McCarten, Chief Commercial Officer, EIKON Group

Qube Wire, a global leader in providing electronic delivery solutions for digital cinema, brings to the table its top-of-the-line electronic content delivery platform that is unsurpassed in its security features. This leading technology has been assessed and ratified by all major Hollywood studios. Qube Wire’s simple but comprehensive user interface helps distributors manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content, and have their Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) delivered to movie theatres. Theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details, download KDMs, and access details about all of the films they are showing via their individualized web portal, all for free.

Qube has made a significant investment in both Australia and New Zealand by building an electronic delivery network and installing WireTAPs at theatres. Qube’s WireTAP is a cloud-connected, in-theatre appliance that allows automated delivery of DCPs directly over the internet. This appliance has been installed at 146 movie theatres in Australia and New Zealand with 90 more installations scheduled in the coming months.  Now, the majority of first-run theatres can receive their studio content effortlessly and efficiently. To date, Qube has delivered 2,200 different titles and made over 28,000 total deliveries.

I am so excited to be partnering with Adrian and the team at EIKON to further enhance our solution for Australia and New Zealand. Customers already recognize that Qube Wire is the best solution for electronic delivery, and now it will be easier than ever to use Qube Wire to deliver their films.

Mark Waterston, Senior Vice President, Qube Wire

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