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We help studios and streaming platforms localize and master their content for global distribution across any platform. Our brilliant people are dedicated to ensuring your project is delivered on-time, to the highest standard.


    We offer a full range of high-quality, DCI-compliant mastering and versioning services. Using the latest technologies and bespoke workflows, we can scale and adapt as needed. Whatever your mastering needs, we have it covered, including:

    • Theatrical
    • Platform
    • Home entertainment
    • Broadcast

    Quality control

    Our team of highly skilled quality control technicians assess feature films, episodic programmes, trailers, and promotional material to evaluate the technical quality and consistency of assets. We believe that QC isn’t just a piece to the puzzle, but a crucial standalone skill.

    • Quality control for theatrical, video, and audio assets, including master QC
    • State of the art screenings rooms and suites


    Coupling premium global translator talent with EIKON’s subtitle technicians, we can localize your content into any language with our full-service subtitling workflow.

    • Over 3000 premium translators
    • Translation management
    • Conversion/reformat
    • Subtitle positioning/timing
    • Subtitle and technical QC
    • Linguist QC
    • Content integration


    Our team can create flawless, all-encompassing scripts for your trailer, series or feature film. This serves as the foundation for your localization workflow, providing dubbing, accessibility and subtitling departments with template scripts.

    • Combined dialogue and spotting list
    • Word accurate transcription
    • Script templates
    • Glossary and continuity lists
    • Censorship and legal clearance reports
    • End-to-end quality control
    • Word count lists

    Access services

    Ensure your content is accessible and enjoyable for all audiences. Our pool of in-house and freelance talent is ready to create compelling audio descriptions and word-perfect closed captions.

    • Closed captions
    • Audio description
    • SDH
    • Libras

    Graphics & VFX

    Artistry, innovation and technical know-how. These form the basis for our entire creative offering for film and episodic content – whether it’s localizing in-picture graphics or developing and delivering creative solutions for censorship requirements. Our graphics services include:

    • Titles sequences, inserts and credits
    • Artwork localization
    • In-camera text replacement
    • Brand enhancement
    • Censorship versioning
    • Restoration and picture fixes

    Audio services

    Sound is a crucial part of storytelling. Whether you’re a global streaming service or international film studio, our post-production audio experts ensure your sound is always perfect for your global audience. Our services include:

    • Full immersive audio suites
    • 5.1/2.0 mixing
    • Atmos up-mixing
    • All audio format quality control
    • Audio editing
    • Fixes and checks


    We’re committed to ensuring your vision reaches the widest possible audience. Our full-length compliance reviews of image, audio, and subtitle assets are crucial to making this happen.

    • Log concerns with timecodes and scene identifiers
    • In-territory compliance experts
    • World-beating attention to detail
    • Picture and audio censor edits
    • Advisory messages
    • Concealment and removal of in-picture elements


    As content delivery evolves, so do we. EIKON works with a network of trusted partners to ensure your material stays in the right hands. Our range of distribution services includes:

    • Automated digital delivery
    • Physical media delivery

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