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EIKON has been delivering services to the world’s biggest studios and streaming platforms for a long time. In doing so, we’ve developed a set of tools that help us get it right every time.

    Localizing content involves many moving parts and a large group of global stakeholders. Meta – our proprietary translation management platform – is designed to streamline this process and deliver flawless content localization, every time.

    With thousands of tier one translators onboarded, Meta’s fully automated, bespoke workflows give translators creative and technical freedom to deliver the highest calibre translations, regardless of genre or format, including trailers, feature films, broadcast, and online content. Online approvals drive the workflow forward, while allowing users to monitor the progress of an entire project and quickly identify any red flags.

    • Increased cost efficiency
    • Developed with translators in mind
    • Web-based access for global deployment
    • Feedback and approval utility
    • Centralized project management
    • Censor edit functionality
    • Scalable support for thousands of users
    • Automated vendor project management
    • Increased automation of translation process

    Skreen – the only tool you need to create a showstopping online screening for awards season, creative sign offs, technical approvals and more.

    Skreen facilitates 4K, 2K, Atmos, multi-subtitle languages, high level encryption, commenting capabilities and is a frame accurate player designed for the highest level viewing experience through your PC, laptop, TV or projector.

    • UHD capability
    • 16 channel audio
    • DRM and forensic watermarking
    • Chromecast and Airplay
    • All SMPTE frame rates
    • Multiple subtitle tracks on the same video
    • Production quality navigation
    • Full reporting functionality

    To maximize the impact of global trailer and sizzle debuts, it’s critical that marketing materials are delivered on time and according to your strategy. But this can be difficult with multiple media, formats, languages, time zones and embargoes to consider.

    Kampaign is a highly secure software platform for the worldwide management and distribution of global marketing campaigns. It enables studios and any global content distributors to create, stage, and reveal assets based on a specific embargo date and time. It can be used across multiple time zones and channels, including:

    • Theaters
    • Broadcasters
    • Partners
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Other relevant channels

    Project management for the global distribution of feature films, scripted series or a whole global marketing campaign is extensive and complicated. We want our exceptional account management teams focussing their proficient skill sets in the right areas, so we created Trak.

    This end-to-end project management, scheduling, and asset tracking solution ensures that all projects at EIKON are managed effectively and efficiently.

    • Enables workflow automation
    • Interfaces with third-party applications
    • Provides in-depth data and analytics
    • Integrated with all EIKON products

    Store your content safely and reliably with Katalog, the sole repository where we upload content and its associated metadata. Katalog feeds directly into the Trak platform to drive workflows, automation and provide full asset awareness.

    • Geo-redundant storage and delivery system
    • High level of availability
    • Fully encrypted content

    Creating high-quality, authentic localized scripts is a team effort. But getting input from experts across different time zones and geographies can be tough. So, we created Skript to make everyone’s lives easier.

    Skript is a simple but powerful platform which improves the turnaround time of translation adaptation and print master delivery – enabling up-to-the-minute script changes.

    • Single file and platform for all stakeholders
    • Directly interfaces with studios’ ADR systems

    Ensuring content doesn’t fall into the wrong hands has never been more important. Eikdm enables you to distribute your theatrical content – while retaining complete control and the highest levels of security.

    • Secure, scalable cloud-hosted system
    • KDM delivery to authorized playback equipment
    • Integration with your booking system
    • Automated generation and delivery

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